Poetry by Haolun Xu

Art by Eugenia Yoh / eugeniayoh.com



The Rabbit Is Not A Strong Gamble


My English is younger than I am.
This is not a personal glory.  

My grandfather taught my father to swim  
by throwing him in a pond.  

Swim downwards, he learned,  
there are tunnels. 

The rabbit is not a strong gamble. 
The turtle is a house.  
The rabbit is a constant 
hole in the earth. To win in nature  

is to become a diamond, however possible.  
The second rabbit was the first clone. 

This is not a matter of inheritance.  
We must crowd the field.  

It's not about if the rabbit should win, 
but that the rabbit must always win.  

The past-participle of the word crash is a prophecy.
This is the rabbit turning into a prism,  

and surpassing even the warp of light. 



Haolun Xu was born in Nanning, China. He immigrated to the United States in 1999 as a child. He was raised in central New Jersey and recently graduated from Rutgers University. His writing has appeared in New Ohio Review, Ruminate Magazine, and more. His chapbook, Ultimate Sun Cell, is forthcoming with New Delta Review.