Issue No. 8



“Lights Underwater” By Jeffery Ryan Long

We like to think the Maestro believes in something—we like to believe everybody believes in something. Perhaps he sees his temple in the Kaka‘ako construction sites at dusk, its chorus as the interminable traffic down Ala Moana Boulevard and Nimitz Highway. . .

“Invasive Species” by Nick Kapsa Vare

These foreign Creepy-Crawlies colonized his mind. They rubbed and kissed and caressed him. They whispered notions into his root hairs and his stomata. “Don’t be ashamed,” they seemed to say. “There is no shame in being a tree.”

“Viaduct Rodeo” by Maria-Luiza Brisbane

His coach had asked José to stay and help him train new riders. But working around the animals, inhaling their earthy, rank salty smells, hearing them snort and bellow, and not being able to mount and dominate them became excruciatingly painful to contemplate for him, much more so than any aching in his knee. . .


“Bleeder” by M. M. Carrigan

On Twitter, she shares reviews of her recent memoir, which is being touted as reinvention of the form. Meanwhile, on my Twitter, I posted a picture of a California Raisins coffee mug I found at the thrift store. It was 99 cents, and it says “Merry Christmas 1988.” A grand new vessel for my tears. . .