In Memoriam: Kelly Caldwell

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More From Issue No. 8

“Bleeder” by M. M. Carrigan

On Twitter, she shares reviews of her recent memoir, which is being touted as reinvention of the form. Meanwhile, on my Twitter, I posted a picture of a California Raisins coffee mug I found at the thrift store. It was 99 cents, and it says “Merry Christmas 1988.” A grand new vessel for my tears. . .

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“Saga of Tom the Gator-Fiend” by Emrys Donaldson

Tom the Gator-Fiend, professor emeritus of medieval studies, was the first person to notice how the gators threatened to break free in search of sustenance. Over weeks of daily bird-watching, he noticed a sharp decline in the numbers of brown thrashers and tufted titmice. . .

“Dear Book” by Angel Dominguez

I mostly think I’m tethered to those sidewalks, and those cracks form an autobiography where the roses figure the concrete. I get weak knees thinking of who transfigures what and will we still live to see the rain? Look how long the days are. . .

“Untitled” by Janie Stamm janiestamm.com