Poetry by Steve Castro

Tal vez no lo puedes creer, pero la verdad es la verdad

The noises coming from the kitchen were unique
like the toenails of our Australian Shepherd
on our hardwood floors. It’s hard to believe
being familiar with the sounds a rabbit makes
baking a carrot hashish cake. But it was harder
to believe seeing the variety wax fruit basket
on our kitchen island rot before our very eyes.
“The patient recovered fully, but sadly
he morphed into a toaster,” my nurse of a wife said
before going down the stairs to trade a little bit
of heroin for a little bit of hashish carrot cake.

Steve Castro is a Costa Rican surrealist whose 2019 debut poetry collection, Blue Whale Phenomena, was published by Otis Books. His poetry is forthcoming in Image Journal, Bayou Magazine, and Welter. It has appeared in Guesthouse; Salamander; PALABRITAS; Water~Stone Review; Strange Horizons; DIAGRAM; Green Mountains Review; Verse Daily; The Florida Review; Forklift, Ohio; and more. Check out how his mind works at