Poetry by Robert Fernandez

The Delights of the Market (A List of Everything Eaten during the Final Gluttonous Rampage of the Girls of Věra Chytilová’s Daises)

unidentifiable finger lick 1
unidentifiable finger lick 2
unidentified bite (horn-like)
unidentified finger lick
unidentifiable bite 1 (thinly sliced or crêpe-like)
unidentifiable bite 2
garnish on entrée (possibly an olive)
hors d’oeuvre (caviar canapé)
hors d’oeuvre (caviar canapé) [sic]
unidentifiable bite 3 (possibly an olive)
Hollandaise sauce
cookie (as identified by an overdubbed Marie while still seeming to eat Hollandaise sauce)
unidentifiable bite 4 (on a skewer)
duck with yellow daisy
entrée (unidentified stuffed crêpe or cheese and side)
Johnnie Walker Red
entrée (unidentified stuffed crêpe or cheese and side)
unidentifiable bite 5
steak tartar
duck neck
steak tartar finger lick
tomato slice
steak tartar
unidentified duck side
hors d’oeuvre (stuffed tomato)
steak tartar
hors d’oeuvre (caviar canapé)
hors d’oeuvre (unidentified meat with Hollandaise sauce)
Johnnie Walker Red
hors d’oeuvre (caviar canapé)
steak tartar
hors d’oeuvre (stuffed tomato)
roast pork shoulder
unidentifiable bite 6 (likely cake)
layer fruit cake
layer fruit cake finger lick
Johnnie Walker Red
green grape

Apricot Blossoms Are Red (after Dōgen)

c when I enter a
room I forget it’s
a room I forget
it’s a disc of
blood I forget
it’s the sun
I forget it’s a
neon ice cube
melting on lacquer
then I enter
the room like a
celebrity a beggar
because I remember
a body making me
forget so I can
see and remember
a golden body
of ancestors of
love beautiful
like apricot
blossoms I
enter and have
yoghurt and coffee
I may know but
act like I don’t
I know I’m not
worthy which means
only whatever I
am can’t and it
can I don’t
know why or how
or how to teach
I just know
waking up life
itself waking up
recognizing itself
accomplishing itself
I really don’t feel
worthy or know
why I know it’s
all mostly hidden
and I can see it
I know that I’m
in love a red
apricot blossom
my life is His
is sweetness I’ll
give myself that
my meat is sweet
and nourishing I am
excited for what’s
possible it’s
like waking from
a dream

Robert Fernandez is the author of the poetry books We Are Pharaoh, Pink Reef, and Scarecrow. He is also co-translator of Azure, a translation of the work of Stéphane Mallarmé. His poems have appeared in Huizache, The Nation, The New Republic, Poetry, Transition, The Yale Review, and elsewhere. www.robert-fernandez.com