Poetry by Jonathan McGregor

"Goodnight Void" by Sylvia Yu / sylvia-yu.com



Goodnight Moon

How can you sleep until
you’ve put the Void to bed?
Nothing is everywhere,
as everywhere as air.



Harold and the Purple Crayon

We make the purple world
up as we go. The cities
you imagine leave you
lonely; waves you draw
can drown you; cliffs you sketch
can break your neck. The self,
exhausted, tucks itself
in bed alone undrawn.



The Going to Bed Book

An Ark adrift
Without a Captain
On an endless Sea.

The Day a page
Unlined, unmarked.
The Moon no human Face.

The Animals alone
Invent a Ritual.


Jonathan McGregor’s creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications including Gulf Coast, Image Journal, Ruminate Magazine, and Dappled Things. He teaches writing and literature at Newberry College in South Carolina and is a poetry editor for War, Literature & the Arts.