Poetry by Jenna Cardinale

"Michelangelo's tomato" by Kelly Caldwell / Twitter @kellycalledwell

Tomato Heaven, Brooklyn

Grow a set
of true leaves.

Get hardened off. As hardy
a transplant as possible.

            Blossom and rot.

They like bottom heat. But,
seriously, how much do they need

to be petted. Don’t allow other people
to smoke in your garden.



Privilege of Imagination

Today, they hit
all the hospitals.

Scattered showers.
The surge after

surgery. Understanding
methods of escape.

A minaret. A rocket.
To be induced.

Clay and rock the same
color. I am inside

this thunder. Wear
white in the storm.



Birds of

                   After Joseph Cornell
                   For Christine Cummings

Let’s visit with that quince tree
in Queens.

The black cut out
is a classic

            The only box
            in the series.

            Feature a human
            figure once.

                        We saw so many of the same things.

                        Separated shadow.

            That bird in the zoo
            I befriended.

            Bangle amusement.

Your strawberries. Your blurred

I saw a cloud
with the same feather

Jenna Cardinale is the author of a chapbook, A California (DGP, 2017). Some of her poems appear in The Equalizer, Pith, Verse Daily, and SAND. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.