Poetry by Tara Skurtu

Art by Paul Kramer Waters / @paulkramerwatersart


On the centennial
Great Union Day

of your country
you’re at 100 Beers

you are your father
and his father say

you don’t have
an alcohol problem

you have a
childhood problem

you piss
in your hands I came

to your country
for you I left

you in your country
on the boulevard

of your ancestors
where a man pulls

his bus to the curb
opens the doors and

reaches out the head
of a dirty mop to

loosen the blue yellow
red flag caught

in a rearview mirror.

Tara Skurtu is the author of The Amoeba Game and the upcoming poetry collection Faith Farm. A two-time U.S. Fulbright grantee and recipient of a Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship, a Marcia Keach Poetry Prize, and two Academy of American Poets prizes, Tara is the founder of International Poetry Circle and a national steering committee member of Writers for Democratic Action.